How can I apply for a New Water Supply?

It is really quick and easy to register for a New Supply. You can find all details on how to register for a New Supply here.

What payment options are available?

There are a number of different ways to pay your CWA bills. Many people choose to pay by monthly direct debit, at the Post Offices or at CWA counters or by MCB Juice SBM Billpay. You can also now pay your bill via our Scan and Pay QR code system or click on pay.cwa.mu.

How can I update my personal details?

A request can be sent via letter/email or on onlineservices@cwa.intnet.mu or made in person at any CWA Customer care Offices with a copy of ID and CWA latest bill.

How can I request for a Disconnection of my water supply?

A request has to be sent or made in person with copy of your ID and CWA Customer Account Number or request made in person at any of our Customer Care Offices. Arrears on water bills must be cleared before any disconnection of water.

What is my Account Number?

Your Account Number is listed at the top of your bill under Customer Account Number. It is a nine digit figure. Please quote this number when requesting information or when making a complaint about your bill.

I am struggling to pay my bill; can you please help?

If you are facing difficulties to pay your bills, contact us and one of our friendly advisers will guide you on how to make payment arrangements. Call us on 601 5000 or call our dedicated hotline on 170 for more info.

How much does water cost?

Please visit our Tariffs and Charges page to find out more.

Can you help with a bill that I have paid twice?

If you have made a payment twice, proofs of payments (receipts) will have to be presented in order to initiate any further actions. You can apply for a refund or it will appear as a prepayment on your next bill.

Why is my bill high?

Excessive bills may arise because:

  • More people in your household.
  • You have hosted an event (marriage)
  • Your pipe network is leaking after meter.
  • Overflow toilets/tanks, dripping taps or faulty fittings can also waste water and increase your usage.
  • Swimming or large paddling pool
  • Air in pipeline can also cause meter to run and give rise to a high bill/consumption. We therefore recommend consumers to install an air valve before their water meter to allow air out of their water network.

It is the consumer’s responsibility to repair all leakages after their water meter.

I have no water, is there a problem in my area?

For any no water issues or leakages call our dedicated hotline on 170 more information.

How can I request a meter test?

A request has to be made in person with a copy of your ID and your latest CWA bill. A meter testing fee of Rs 500 will be charged. Another meter will be fixed parallel to your pipeline just after the existing meter. If the result of the monitoring exercise is the same as your meter, the water bills are maintained.  If the result of the monitoring exercise is negative, the bills are amended. The meter testing fee is refunded and your meter is changed.

How do I make a complaint?

You can get in touch with us by emailing us on onlineservices@cwa.intnet.mu or call our dedicated Customer Care Hotline on 170.

Transfer of Name

Request for Transfer of Name should be done in person in any of our Customer Care Offices with the following document:

  • A Copy of Title Deed,
  • Letter of Authorisation from previous owner or any other stakeholders
  • Copy of ID of previous owner and CWA bill (All arrears must be cleared).
  • An administration fee of Rs 200 will be charged.

Where do I make fresh application for a new supply?

Applications can be recorded at any Customer Care Office which are located at

  • St Paul
  • Rose Hill
  • Mahebourg
  • Souillac
  • Rose Belle
  • Flacq
  • Pamplemousses
  • Port Louis Mutual Aid

Or by sending a mail on onlineservices@cwa.intnet.mu with attached documents.

How Do I reopen my water supply?

An application for reopening of your water supply can be made at any of our Customer Care Offices by paying a reopening fee of

  1. Rs 550 at Meter
  2. Rs 2000 at Road Reserve
  3. Rs 2750 at Main
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