Commissioning Of Dugwell At L’Ésperance Trebuchet

Personalities present:

The Hon. Mr Avinash Teeluck

Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage

Dr The Honourable Anjiv Ramdhany, MP

Parliamentary Private Secretary

Mr. Koobarawa

Vice President of the District Council of Riviere du Rempart

Mr. R. Manthrooa

The General Manager of the Central Water Authority

Mr. S. Busgeeth

Chief Engineer

Mr. N. Ramdhony

Zone Manager

and other CWA Staff

The General Manager commissioned a well found at L’ Esperance Trebuchet and has injected same to Poudre d’Or Balancing Tank. The volume currently being abstracted and treated is 2,880 m3 per day.

Date: 02 December 2022
Venue: Borehole site at L’ Esperance Trebuchet.
Time: 15hr30

The new Pumping Station has been commissioned on 28 November 2022 and is operating satisfactorily. Diverted water from Poudre D’Or Basalt Borehole (4,000 m3 per day) to Madame Azor, Morcellement Petit Village and surrounding regions in order to divert the remaining water supplied by New Goodlands Reservoir to the remaining regions mentioned above hence increasing hours of supply.

Snapshots of the Event:

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