Other Facilities
A.    Reception/Enquiry Office
We have a reception counter at all our Customer Service Centres to guide the public through our offices and to provide general information.
B.     Waiting Area
We have a waiting area at all our Customer Service Centres, furnished with comfortable chairs/sofas and light reading materials for the visiting customers and other members of the public.
C.     Queuing at cash office counters
We have a proper queuing system at our cash office counters to maintain discipline among our customers.  We also provide a dedicated queue for our senior and /or handicapped customers.
D.    Customer Information System
We display conspicuously at our Customer Service Centres directional signs and notice boards indicating the services offered, the documents required and the amount payable for each service.
E.     Suggestion Box
We have a suggestion box at each of our Customer Service Centres and we invite our customers to make suggestions on the services offered.  We shall do all we can to attend to the suggestions in the least possible delay.
F.      Water Dispensers
We have equipped our Customers Service Centres with water dispensers.
The water dispensers are connected to our water supply network in order to provide our customers with a continuous flow of good potable water all day long.
G.    Visits to our Sites
We favourably entertain requests from individuals, groups, schools to visit our sites, more particularly the following sites.
  • Treatment Plants
  • Impounding Reservoirs
  • Pumping Stations
We have officers on the various sites to guide the visitors and to provide them with all the required information.
We also organize open days on the occasion of the Annual World Water Day, during which brochures/leaflets on water supply are distributed to the visiting public.