Service Procedures
A.    Billing
We shall ensure that each customer receives his monthly water bill within the stipulated time, with proper indication of the due date, the amount charged and the amount of surcharge payable in case of late payment.
B.     Payment of Bill
With our on-line service, a customer may settle his bill in any of the specified offices and he may also obtain relevant information on his account as well.
C.     How to pay the Bill?
The entire bill will have to be submitted to the cashier at the time of payment which is within 21 days of the date of receipt of the bill.
Any payment made after that period will carry a 10% surcharge.
Pensioners are allowed a further 14 days to pay their bills without surcharge.
Customers facing financial problems, and those who come from the vulnerable groups of society, are also offered certain facilities to pay their bills by instalments.
Cheques sent through the post should be made payable to the Central Water Authority and CROSSED and must be addressed to the Senior Cashier of the CWA Head Office, St. Paul, Phoenix.
The name, address, telephone number and account number of the customer should also be written at the back of the cheque.
In order to avoid queuing at Cash Office Counters, we encourage customers to settle their water bills through the Direct Debit System available at most local commercial banks.  Customers may contact their banks for more details.
Alternative, customers may avoid the peak period by settling their bills in the middle of the month, but within the prescribed statutory delay of 21 days from the date of delivery of bill.
We advise customers to tender the exact amount when paying their bills.
D.    Important Information
Payment effected by dud cheque (cheque sans provision) may result in the disconnection of the supply and subsequent prosecution.
If a water Bill is not paid within 60 days of its date of delivery, the water supply is likely to be disconnected without notice.
If a customer wants to challenge the amount shown on his water bill, he should contact an officer of the appropriate Customer Service Centre.
Customers seeking information on their account or on water supply generally should address themselves to an officer of the appropriate Customer Service Centre, or phone the Hot Line/Call Centre telephone number 170.
Customers who fail to receive their bill for any current month should inform the appropriate Customer Service Centre without delay or phone the Hot Line/Call Centre telephone number 170.
Every Customer is provided with a meter, which is read on a monthly basis.  The Customer is billed according to the consumption recorded by the meter.