Our Complaint Procedures
A.    General Procedures
A customer can register a complaint over the phone, in writing or by calling in person at any Customer Service centre. A complaint number is assigned to each complaint registered on our customer service system.
The customer will be informed by phone or by mail of the action taken.
If the customer is not satisfied with our reply, he may still refer the matter to the Public Complaints Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office or to the Ombudsman, as the case may be.
B.     On-Line Complaints
The Customer can also submit his complaint / query through our website/e-mail and the complaint will be dealt with according to established procedures.
C.     Complaints analysis and monitoring system (CAMS)
We shall maintain an on-line Computerised Complaints Analysis and Monitoring System (CAMS) to ensure that all complaints and requests are attended to within the service time prescribed and we shall take prompt corrective action in line with the standards set by the CWA.
This system will keep track of the progress made on each request / application / complaint which has remained unattended. It will be used as a management tool to develop strategies to improve our services and to ensure that service standards are met at all times.
D.    Grievance redress mechanism
If the Customer is not satisfied with any of our services, he can appeal to any of the following officers-in-charge, by calling on 601 5000.
Nature of problem
Water Supply
Chief Engineer (Operations)
Water Quality
Chief Engineer (Water Resources)
Billing and Metering
Manager (Commercial Services)
Payment of Bills
Chief Financial Officer
Unresolved Cases
General Manager / Deputy General Manager.
E.     Debt Dispute Resolution Committee
If after having gone through the complaint procedures, the customer is not satisfied with the amount claimed, he can submit his case to the Debt Dispute Resolution Committee for a final decision.
F.      Appeal Against Our Decision
If the customer is still not satisfied with the decision of the Debt Dispute Resolution Committee, he can make an appeal to the public Complaints Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office or to the Ombudsman.
G.    Customer Survey
To obtain feedback on our performance and standards of service, we shall carry out at regular intervals, a Customer Survey through a professional agency.
CWA Account No.
Name of Notifier
Telephone No.
Nature of Problem
Notification of Type
Name of Inspector contacted
Reference No