Customer rights and obligations
While the CWA has been entrusted with specific duties and responsibilities under the CWA Act, customers also have their rights and obligations.
We enumerate below various recommendations that will help the CWA to provide a better service to its customers:
  • Customers should pay their water bills promptly.
  • Customers are billed a minimum water charge even if there is no consumption during a month, unless they notify the CWA that they will not use water during a certain period of time.
  • Customers should notify the CWA promptly in case they do not receive their monthly bill.
  • Customers should protect and keep their water meter clean.  Customers should not dump garbage, building materials like sand, stone etc. near or on the meter or meter chamber.
  • Customers should not tamper with a water meter as it is an offence punishable under the CWA Act.  We remind customers that the meter is the property of CWA.
  • Customers should not use any booster pump to draw water from CWA mains as it causes serious inconvenience to others. It is a serious offence, punishable under the CWA Act.
  • Customers should not interfere with CWA installations.  It is a serious offence, punishable under the CWA Act.
  • Customers are encouraged to inform our Hot Line/Call Centre on telephone number 170 OR any Customer Service Centre about any illegal installation they may come across.
  • Customers may inform the CWA on the Hot Line/Call Centre telephone number 170 if they come across any water leakage on the roads or before the meter.
  • Customers should educate all their family members of the importance of not wasting water.
  • Customers should insist that the employee of the CWA shows his identity Card when visiting their premises.
  • Customers should take necessary measures to avoid the pollution of our aquifer/ground water/surface water.
  • Customers should preserve water as it is a precious resource. They must use taps and other appliances that minimize wastage.  By so doing, it will lead to the saving of water at every water outlet.
  • Customers are advised to promptly attend to and repair any leakage within their premises that is the installations found after the meter.