Interruption of Supply
Emergency Interruption
In case of any unforeseen or sudden plant/pipe breakdown, the CWA shall, as far as practicable, notify the customers concerned through the media, of the emergency interruption of water supply.
Planned Interruption
In case of planned large disruption of service, we shall notify the customers concerned in advance through the media, giving the names of the affected regions, the date/s and starting time/s, the anticipated restoration of supply/ending time/s and the reasons thereof.
This will be broadcast on at least 2 radio channels, preferably in the morning and/or evening at fixed time (e.g at 6.55 hrs and 18.15 hrs respectively).
The CWA is granted immunity fromprosecution in the following cases:
  • Impurity of water.
  • Irregularity and insufficiency of water supply for whatever purpose.